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Starry Speculative Night, veduta della m
Francesco Pacelli, Echoes, 2020.jpg
Francesco Pacelli, Echoes, 2020, detail,


Epoxy resin, fabric, metal, plaster, polyurethane, acrylic sprays, synthetic feathers




Echoes was exhibited in occasion of Starry speculative night, a collective group show held at Spazio Volta, Bergamo (IT). The work aims to be a synthesis between the oriental symbol of Enso, a circular gesture of painting made in one single move, and the mythical figure of the Ouroboros, the snake who's eating its own tail. In opposition to a linear conception of time, circularity represents a state of deep connection with the elements and dynamics of nature, in a constant looping state of contraction and expansion.


from June 12 to August 31st, 2021 at Spazio Volta, Bergamo

other artists: Luca Petti, Antonio Gramegna, bn+Brinanovara

photo credits: Mattia Angelini

Francesco Pacelli, Echoes, 2020, detail.
Starry Speculative Night, installation v
Starry Speculative Night, veduta della m
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