Krubero was exhibited for Screen Tearing, a collective exhibition held at Dimora Artica (Italy) in 2019



group exhibition curated by and held at Dimora Artica, Milano, Italy


artists: Agostino Bergamaschi, Davide Dicorato, Matteo Gatti, Francesco Pacelli, Marco Schiavone, Alan Stefanato, Natália Trejbalová

from February 6th to March 7th, 2019

Screen Tearing is a group exhibition with works from seven artists born between 1988 and 1992. The exhibition project starts from the desire to investigate changes in perceiving reality through the works from a generation born and raised in a world dominated by the pervasiveness of technology and digital communication. The increasingly widespread diffusion of computers, internet and smartphones has imposed new methods of storing and exchanging information, determining new ways of perceiving the world. The superabundance of information that comes from the web and their organization in screens and windows always available through mobile devices are opening new scenarios towards a fluid dimension where endless possible realities can be recalled with a click through a search engine or a hashtag. As digital communication evolves, genetic engineering is spreading widely, making biological processes manipulable. Robotics becomes increasingly sophisticated, presenting machines and organic based devices able to interact seamlessly with people. In this scenario boundaries between true and false, natural and artificial decline in favor of a hybrid reality in which narrative fiction, biotechnologies and androids become constituent elements of contemporary reality. Technology is becoming soft, ergonomic, light, efficient, but nevertheless areas of imponderability remain in which the distracted flow of images is interrupted in favor of a greater problematic aesthetic experience. Influenced by recent technological transformations, last years’ artistic research expresses its cultural impact, without making a simple and banal copy but always focusing on the complexity of evolutionary processes, often combining craft techniques  with futuristic shapes or slowing down the visual rhythm to engage the sight in a meditative dimension. The phenomenon is similar to screen tearing, a digital mechanism for which an altered image is generated from two or more similar basic frames. The process, due to a difference in the refresh rate between source and monitor, generates a new and unexpected image, possible but not real, in which the error becomes an active subject in the generation of the form. Like an image generated by a screen tearing process, art creates moments of incongruity in the linearity of ordinary vision, stimulating attention and opening up to different interpretative possibilities. The work presented by Francesco Pacelli is named Krubero, a ceramics entity that stands as an imaginative vision of a hybrid and ambiguous body in a transitory state between organic and inorganic, almost like a new species just discovered, a mutation due to a process of genetic manipulation or the result of an alteration due to nuclear activity.

ph credits Michele Fanucci