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Francesco Pacelli_Fishy fishy fishy X at Rehearsal, Milano
2 Screen Tearing. Exhibition view. Dimor


Fishy fishy fishy X_Rehearsal, Milano (Italy)_2019

Abisso elastico_Current, Milano (Italy)_2019

Ballata Vogelkop_Display, Parma (Italy)_2018


Twelve artists of tomorrow_Mucciaccia Contemporary, Rome (Italy, 2019)

Formes vivantes, Musée National Adrien Dubouché, Limoges (France, 2019)

Tetsuo's body, Merdre project space, Fuchu, Tokyo (Japan, 2019)

Innesti_Walk-in Studio festival, Milano (Italy)_2019

Screen Tearing_Dimora Artica, Milano (Italy)_2019

Naturalia et Artificialia, Ca' Marsala, Bologna (Italy)_2018

Future artists, Nerve Visual Gallery, Londonderry (Northern Ireland)_2016


Formes vivantes_MNAD_Catalogue of the show_Silvana Editoriale